Accomodating conflict in the film juno

07-Feb-2018 01:02

This movie is such a perfect shitstorm that I truly enjoy hating it. I’ll skip the music and credits crap and merely observe that so lame and so cute and so trite are they that the a’relatives I mentioned, the only ones I know who found this clever and new, were all in their seventies at the time.

I don’t think that’s the audience the creators were going for here. The only thing to know about Juno is that she is absolutely perfect.

A girl gets pregnant and instead of getting an abortion she carries the baby to term and gives her baby up for adoption.

Do you remember that interesting little girl standing outside the abortion clinic talking about the babies’ fingernails? Hopefully, we can continue to agree or disagree amicably and really sharpen one another in our thinking on controversial issues.

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We can even make bracelets and bumper stickers at the end of this; we will make a fortune with the pro-life crowd. Many in our culture answer this question with an emphatic yes.It reminded me that so few writers remember to add a sufficient amount of conflict or even know how to generate enough conflict in the first place. The second is an interpersonal conflict - a conflict going on between the main two characters in the story. That would be any conflict pressuring your character from the outside. This conflict is what drives her to Jack, and ultimately what drives her to change.