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I am a lover of wine, and I enjoy a small glass of wine almost every night with my supper.

A girl has to have some indulgences in life, but if I had to change something, I would try to not eat supper so late some nights! I tend to gravitate towards a diet of granola bars, fruit and whatever else I can get my hands on quickly when I am busy. I've been making an effort lately to prepare my meals the night before and pack a lunch and/or supper when I am not at home so I will have better choices on hand.

Like the room, the plates at Buck & Rider are gorgeous, but a combination of questionable choices and technical glitches renders the standouts few and far between.

The track "Fishnets" became a dance floor anthem in clubs in 2003.

Another track from the Silures EP, "21 Ghosts", was featured on Richard X’s Back to Mine.

Linda Lamb was born in Woodstock, New York, United States. She also sang as a backup singer in a Motown group that was the opening act for artists such as Tina Turner, Etta James, Junior Walker, and James Brown.

As a teenager, Lamb moved to Seattle and joined the punk scene and began singing in American bars and clubs while completing a B. Linda then travelled around Europe, gaining session work before finally settling in New York in the early 1990s, where she worked with her husband in his fashion company, Demob, and opened a boutique called Smylonylon in New York's Soho.

Though not immune to minor miscues, servers are cordial when they're not downright charming, and the front-of-house staff ably manages crowds in a town where diners tend to abhor waiting for tables.

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