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22-Oct-2017 17:44

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If you happen to come across any on this list and would like to share, let me know via this thread or PM and I'll be more than happy to add it to the list (giving you full credit - of course) CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ALWAYS WELCOME!I've seen this thing in people's sigs that tracks any game they want in it.A Gamertag, from the very start, has set out to feel like an identity, something that is tied into every Xbox 360 game they play, every Achievement they unlock, and every success they have in a multiplayer environment. A PSN handle is simply what it is -- just a handle.

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Here are my Gamercards from both : Xbox Gamercards Playfire only seems to have one for Steam atm but they do say a lot of the functionality is in the client so ill see what that brings tonight and see if it provides more info.As of this year, Play Station Trophies are now a mandatory part of all PS3 titles, working very much in the same way as MS' Achievements, with a few structural differences.