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Enslin argues that the evidence in the gospels does not support the common view that Jesus began his career as a disciple of John the Baptist.In fact Enslin argues that when we examine the gospel narratives in sequence it is far more probable that the paths of John and Jesus never crossed.He is preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. There is no hint that John recognizes Jesus as the greater one who is to come after him.After emerging from the water God announces to Jesus (no one else apparently hears) that he is his son: The Gospel of Matthew John recognizes that Jesus is the greater one to come after him and protests the need to baptize him.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.Filed under: Luke-Acts, Paul and His Letters, Smith: Acts Christian Beginnings Tags: Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Epistles, William O.It is apparent that this particular philosophical text exerted a profound influence on the political thinking, educational philosophy and literary activities of the biblical authors.

The Gospel of Mark John suddenly appears without explanation.

Luke has to know civics and geography from Jerusalem to Malta, and it's the civics of the time, not of 50 years later. He either was an actual companion of Paul, or he had a lot of contact with Paul later, or he got it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which is what you're stuck with if you, like Pervo, Price and Carrier, want to put Acts in the second century. How do they explain how all this accurate information got into Acts? Hume, not the inductive evidence, is wagging the dog.