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17-Dec-2017 13:50

This second part of the tutorial deals with building a User Form to collect all the necessary information needed to complete the document created in the first part of the tutorial.

The document, the User Form and its accompanying VBA code are contained within the same file.

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The VBA Editor will automatically insert the correct procedure declaration. (You can, however, create custom events for your own classes. There are many events that are defined in a Worksheet object, the Workbook object, and the Excel Application object itself.

If they are not displayed, you can switch on the Project Explorer and Properties panes from the View menu.

The Project Explorer pane is used to navigate through the various objects that you will be working with.

Open the Visual Basic Editor by going to Tools Visual Basic Editor or use the keyboard shortcut Alt F11.

Unless you have previously made changes here, the Visual Basic Editor opens with an empty code window, with Project Explorer and Properties panes displayed on the left of the main window.

If it tries to calculate a cell and finds that it is dependent on some other cell lower down the chain, it rearranges the chain to move that cell downwards.