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But there’s rather more to Michaelson, whose emotional palette tends towards the apocalyptic.

“Home” opens the album in Scandinavian style, with a swirl of organ and high-pitched cooing underscoring the claim that her beloved offers such comfort that “even when my body blows away, my soul will stay”; a similar self-abnegation features in “Wonderful Unknown”, where “in the best way, you’ll be the death of me”.

There’s the Three Day Rule, which dictates how long one is supposed to call after getting someone’s number.

You can still get away from life and enjoy unforgettable family time with our absolutely out-did herself creating this pack!

It’s when you really like someone, but instead of acting like it, you play it super cool, taking your time responding to calls or texts, trying to act unavailable when all you want to do is spend more time with this person.

did a great job of going through many of the defensive dating cliches.

Chances are if you like her , she likes someone else or she is dating someone already. She is very shy at first, but once you start to know her, you will fall in love with her.

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I predict this will last about three weeks before I remember how much I hate it and go back to putting all my energy into work and all my free time into deciding which endurance sport to train for next.

Now, there are an array of songs that namedrop social media platforms, from My Space to Digg. After the jump, peruse our collection of tracks about social media so you can tweet to the beat.